Nigerian Presidential Election 2023 (Live Updates And Monitoring)

The 2023 Election is here again today 25th February 2023

All Eligible Nigerian will be going out this morning to cast their votes for candidates of their choice

The 2023 election cycle includes elections for governorships and members of parliament at the federal and state levels.

Elections will be held in all 109 senatorial districts and 360 constituencies in Nigeria’s bicameral federal legislature on February 25, the same day as the presidential election.

Two weeks later, 28 of the country’s 36 states hold the governorship and state parliament elections in March 2023.

(1) Presidential election:

18 Political parties are fielding candidates for the Presidential election.
Campaigns end mid-night Yesterday. And what parties are doing is internal arrangement and preparation for successful outing of their respective candidates.
There will alignment and realignment among candidates and parties.

(2) National Assemblies Election:
109 Seats are been contested for in the Red-Chamber (Senate)
360 Seats are been contested for in the Green Chamber (House of Rep)

INEC has began the distribution of both sensitive and non-sensitive materials to the various local Government, from where it will be further distributed to the various ward and Polling Units.

It will be an interesting day ahead for the 2023 General election.

Good morning Nigerians, Go out and Vote, Don’t allow any intimidation, Cast your vote for the Candidate of Yoru choice.

Know that Your vote if your right.

No abuse and No publicity for any candidates here.

Stay tuned for more updates and reports across all states of the Federation.



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