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A naval officer on Wednesday clashed with Lagos task force operatives by Ikeja along for using the BRT lane, Igbere TV reports.

The governor’s chief press secretary Gboyega Akosile shared a video of the incident on Twitter.

The unnamed naval officer was, according to Mr Akosile, warned to desist from using the BRT lane but he insisted a car behind him driven by a woman be allowed to follow him.


Cashflows reports that the officer allegedly punctured his own tyre in a scuffle with the taskforce operatives who refused to allow the other car follow him.

“They told they could only allow him-they were fair enough. The next thing the Naval officer did was to bring out a dagger, threatened our men, created a scene by puncturing his own tyre to make the lane impassable for the BRT buses. He was arrested with the 2 vehicles,” Akosile said.


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