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Obi Okeke left Nigeria with his mother during the Nigeria civil war as an Igbo refugee. He is now one of the top exotic car sellers in the US. Obi Okeke first moved to the United States as a 5 year old refugee during the Nigerian Civil War in 1967. His mother from Ohio was able to leave the country with him, but his father who was born in Nigeria stayed to fight.

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Over four decades later, Okeke now 58, is a fixture in the luxury automobile industry, dealing in cars that cost millions and selling to clients like Floyd Mayweather. What you may not know is that Floyd has hired someone to manage his ever growing car collection. That man is named Obi Okeke, and he has a very interesting story. Okeke served as the general manager of the Ferrari-Maserati dealership in Calabasas, California for six years.




Obi Okeke has become a fixture in the luxury automobile industry. He is surrounded daily by million dollar cars, but says he doesn’t collect them himself and is satisfied just being around them and helping people find their dream cars. In 2018, he bought a Bugatti Veyron belonging to Hollywood actor, Arnold Schwarzenegger’s for about U.S.$2.5 million (approximately N900m) which he planned to resell to high networth clients.




Interesting! You know… if you are going to be a car dealer, you might as well be an ultra high end dealer and have a friend like Floyd Mayweather.




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