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A black American woman has broken the internet after she shared her 50-year old birthday photos.

The woman identified as Saida Ramirez is a mother of three who just recently celebrated her 50-year old birthday and went ahead to post it on social media which has left so many flabbergasted.



Some social media users have begun asking the mother of three how she has managed to maintain such stature and youthful glow till now.



Photos of the beautiful lady were posted online on her 50th birthday, and fans can’t stop complimenting about how amazing she looks for a 50-year old woman.


Some others shared their photos to compare to hers while complementing her unaging physique.

However, according to the lady, there’s nothing special about her routine, as her stature is just a gift from God.


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  1. Some stature like that are indeed blessings cos no amount of beauty products can give you that youhfulness

  2. Woman Beauty is meant to be seen by her husband alone and not to be broadcasting to the world to talk about