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Davido currently has 3 baby mamas.They each have one child for him. In this post, you’ll discover all of the women who have had children for Davido.



David Adedeji Adeleke, who is popularly known as Davido , is a Nigerian singer and record producer.



Davido and all of his baby mamas. Image (c): licencors.The American-born Nigerian musician was born in Atlanta, US, and brought up in Lagos state.

The singer who is a father of three is said to be engaged with the mother of his third child.


Davido baby mamas and their children


1. Sophia Momodu

Sophia Momodu is Davido’s first baby mama. She gave birth to the singer’s first child, Aurora Imade Adeleke , on the 14th of May 2015.



Sophia Momodu. Image (c) Sophia Momodu.David and Sophia appear to get along well at the moment. However, they’ve been involved in multiple feuds in the past.


Aurora Imade Adeleke’s mother is a cousin to Dele Momodu, who is a famous Nigerian journalist and CEO of Ovation International.





Aurora Imade Adeleke and her mother, Sophia Momodu. Image (c): Sophia Momodu IG.Meet Davido’s first daughter, Aurora Imade Adeleke.



Aurora Imade Adeleke



Davido, Sophia and their daughter, Imade



Imeda at four2. Amanda


Amanda is Davido’s second baby mama. She gave birth to the singer’s second daughter, Hailey Veronica Adeleke on the 9th of May 2017.


Amanda is Davido’s second baby mama. Image: Laplubelle


Not much is known about Amanda. In fact, many people didn’t know about her pregnancy for the popular singer until she had given birth.


Amanda attended Georgia State University and graduated with a bachelor’s degree in political science on May 8th, 2019.


She took to Instagram to share a post of herself celebrating her achievement, saying it was the best day of her life.


She went on to say that Hailey Veronica Adeleke has been a source of motivation for her to go all out and be the best woman she can ever be.



Hailey, Davido and Amanda/ Instagram


Meet Davido’s second daughter, Hailey Veronica Adeleke:



Hailey Veronica AdelekeDavido named his two daughters after his late mum, Veronica Imade Adeleke born in 1963. She was also a music lover.



Hailey and Imade



Amanda, Hailey, Imade and Sophia3.Chioma Rowland


Chioma Avril Rowland is Davido’s third baby mama. She is the mother of David Adedeji Adeleke Jnr, popularly known as Ifeanyi Adeleke.

Although Davido and Chioma are currently engaged, he sometimes refers to her as his girlfriend, fiancee and has even called her his wife on multiple occasions.



Chioma Avril Rowland, Davido’s FianceeIn any case, there are speculations that the pair may finally end up as husband and wife, that we will keep you posted on. In fact, there are rumours that they have already performed their traditional marriage rites, pending an official white wedding.



Chioma is a chef whom Davido has in multiple occasions praised for her cooking ability.



There is no overstating the bond between Chioma and Davido, as the singer has over and over again proved beyond a reasonable doubt just how much affection he has for mama Ifeanyi.



Davido’s 2018 hit song “Assurance” was dedicated to Chioma. Thereafter, he released “One Milli”, which was also clearly centred around her.



Chioma and Davido met at Babcock University, where they both had their Bachelor’s degree.


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  1. That’s a celebrity life style though he has been a good father to all his children