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If you have at least 4 Referrals, you can cash out your Referral Bonus (₦1,000 for 4) plus your Activity Points Bonus (₦2,500) anytime any day.

If you don’t have 4 Referrals, you have to wait till every Saturday (7am- 11am) to request for withdrawal.


Follow these Instructions (before 11pm)

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2. Copy these words

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NOTE:  Use the links directly below to share to get your 50 Activity Points.  You get 25 Activity Points for sharing to 10 WhatsApp Groups and 25 Activity Points for sharing to Facebook. It is automatic. Do it as instructed and you get your Points. To refer, share your Referral Link to people, tell them to contact any of our vendors for their Activation Codes, and you get your Commission in your Cashflows wallet. Easy and Fast!




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