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These are what you can do to make your ex miss you after breakup

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Your ex may already share some of your feelings, since you’ve separated the two that you don’t necessarily have to do anything to make this happen. That being so doesn’t contradict the fact that your ex moved on, but there are things you can do to make your ex miss you very much.

I think you’re trying to make your ex-boyfriend miss you with intentions without retaliation after a breakup? If you are thinking of repaying your ex, missing it, and having you back together so you can hurt their feelings, this post is not complete for you.

This post is specifically designed to provide you with things you need to do so your ex misses you, so that you two can still get together, or to get him / her to spot his / her mistakes and those old good times miss. But that’s not as easy as it sounds. It’s more when your ex misses you and keeps him forever.


If you are going to fall in love with your ex again, here’s a specific guide on how to get your ex back without looking desperate.

Before we continue with the main discussion topic “How to make your ex miss”, let me consider some of the recurring questions:


Are there ways that science can help your ex miss you? There is no scientific approach to methods that your ex can use to miss you after a breakup. There is also no guarantee that the points mentioned will miss your ex, especially if you have separated, if you have no feeling in the relationship.

There is absolutely nothing to be skeptical about whether these tips will make your ex miss and you want to have them back quickly. Over the years, I have helped many people with a majority of women strategically bring their ex back by missing everything they have ever shared in the relationship.

As far as there are multiple separators, I always recommend a couple to check these seven things before giving up their marriage. In general, you can find out how to provide relationship arguments like a pro. So there is an escalation when you separate and think, “Will my ex-husband come back?”, “Will Ex ever come back?”, “Will Ex regret leaving me? “or” who hosts ex on the beach? “and many other ex-related questions that can destroy you.

If you’re interested in reconciliation with an ex, try these few things first so they’re missing and you want them back. The points below are a true way to successfully get your ex back.


Proven tips so your ex misses you badly

1. Don’t be so desperate, write an SMS and call your ex

Honestly, you just don’t have to appear desperate for your ex to miss you. If you get in touch with your ex quickly, you will miss him, and this is otherwise my intention in this post. I want your ex-boyfriend to miss you, not hurry up and complain that your ex doesn’t pick up the phone.


Don’t give your ex the impression that you are the one who needs the relationship most. It is strange if you contact your ex-boyfriend or girlfriend a few days after a breakup. It is against the NO CONTACT RULE. Don’t stay in touch with him, in the meantime stop texting and calling, don’t be so desperate about the process. Allow yourself some time.

2. Take some time to repair yourself

If you try to get back together with him / her and stay away from the person, you have enough time to assess everything that has happened and to know if they can be fixed.

Mix with friends to have fun and learn the art of being single and independent. Becoming independent brings a new dimension that will quickly bring your ex back, since you now appear more attractive because you are healthier and have found out how happy you can feel without him / her.

3. Do not call or text your ex

It is possible that your ex wants you to be back so quickly that he cannot injure himself.


Don’t give in so quickly, regardless of the frequency of calls and the number of text messages from your ex. To make sure your ex really misses you, wait a while and see how the situation develops. Remember, patience is a virtue.

Is he still calling? If your ex stopped calling after a while or blocked you shortly after contacting social media, you can drive my points home, which is why I said you shouldn’t answer your ex a few days after separation.


4. Travel around

A sure way to break ties in a relationship is to leave town. You can’t meet your ex easily. This will create a great vacuum that he wants to bring you back together.

When you go on a trip, you will be more exposed and meet people who can affect your life in so many positive ways when you visit places of interest. How about random photo shoots and updating your social media wall? This will make him miss you even more, even though you are mentally fine and don’t even post that your ex could see.

5. Don’t chase your ex

If you’re tracking your ex after a breakup, you’re wrong. You can lose them entirely in the end.

Stop sneaking up on yourself and try things that are possible to make sure you get on their way so that they notice you, your new dress, or hairstyle. More importantly, stop doing cyberstalking. Don’t be obsessed and try reading their chats that you had access to before the separation or that you saw obsessed with through their social media posts – pictures of your ex, why do you cry when you watch them? If you are here, your ex will miss you badly.

6. Don’t show your sadness

It hurts to be dumped and to leave the thoughts: “Will my ex contact me?”, “Will the ex ever turn to me and regret ever firing me?” All of these thoughts can lead you to some actions that are not advisable for your ex to miss you.

Regardless of how you feel, you don’t acknowledge your sadness. It’s bad practice to share how bad you feel on social media so they can see. Even if you recently completed the “Will Ex Come Back” quiz, do not share your result on social media.

Others include:

How can your ex-boyfriend regret leaving you?

Give him the time and space to miss you and make your ex jealous by opening yourself up to other men.

How to get your ex to miss you about text

Remember that you weren’t desperate or treated as one, and the effect of Ex not picking up the phone or being suppressed with the idea of ​​when Ex will unlock my number so you can start calling them. Such acts are ridiculous, better still the no-contact rule with your ex, this will by far make him miss you and find a way to come back so as not to lose completely.

How should your ex want you?

Take some time to work on yourself, do you have a setback “the first time you both met”, the earlier stage of your relationship with him, was the separation a problem you caused? Work really well on yourself, stop the SMS and call.

Concentrate on taking a seat to improve instead of living in pain.

How do you make your ex jealous?

I am intrigued that after separation from your boyfriend, men are as jealous as women. A sure way to let him miss you “flirting with other men”. Your ex will find out that you can quickly make friends. “You are beautiful, good looking, smart and attractive.” He’ll get closer when he sees you around other men.

The final result

You will no longer be surprised why your ex-boyfriend will contact you after using the guide “How to make your ex miss you” shown in this post.

This post has helped many people get back together, although we’re still not sure what percentage of exes will come back together using this guide. Trying with the utmost honesty has been the tried and tested way to achieve the desired goals, namely to have him return to you after a breakup.

Most of the time, it’s not just for you to get back together and keep rolling the wheel of love. You may want to get your ex-regret to fire you by learning a few new things that are likely to improve your lifestyle and make you healthier and happier than ever.

It is true that you can make your ex miss you when he has a new girlfriend. However, this does not guarantee that he will leave his new appointment for you.

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