cashflows has upgraded to pay you better


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Amazing Cashflows Affiliates,

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We are happy you are with us through this journey of financial independence and we assure you that the best is yet to come.

However, we have made some changes to our Terms (in compliance with our Privacy Policy and our Terms & Conditions).


What has changed?

  • Referral Bonus has increased to ‎₦600 per referral
  • Minimum Withdrawal for Activity Points is now 10,000
  • You can now read news and comment on news as many times as possible in a day (2 Activity Points for each) NO LIMITS
  • You get paid ‎₦4,000 as many times as you reach 10,000 Activity Points
  • You can comment on all Posts/News using your Facebook account
  • Withdrawal for Activity Points is now twice weekly: Tuesdays and Saturdays

What hasn’t changed?

  • Successful Registration is still 500 Activity Points
  • Withdrawal (for Referral Bonuses) is still everyday (Monday to Sunday)
  • Daily Login is still 50 Activity Points
  • You get paid for every daily news you read or comment on
  • Minimum Withdrawal for Referral Bonuses is still ₦1,500
  • Sharing posts is still 50 Activity Points
  • You get your full Activity Points for sharing our posts.
  • Activation code for New Registration is still ₦1,000
  • And all other aspects as you are already familiar with.

What are you to do?

As you are seeing this, this upgrading is completed and ready to pay you. So continue to read, comment, share news and refer your friends here. Cashflows is here to stay for many years to come and we will always pay and fulfill our promises to you!




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  1. You can withdraw anytime for referrals, and Tuesdays & Saturday for Activity Points. You have the ability to gain as many points as possible every day. No limits. Just keep reading, commenting and sharing news. You can request for withdrawal in your Affiliate Page

  2. The two points is too low please increase the two point … I just got 5000points yesterday and I woke to read this news now to see that I have to work on anoda 5000points with less activity point not upto 5points

  3. Cashflows is a news sharing platform tiers of Cashflows Limited incorporated with Corporate Affairs Commission with registration number 250172. We source first hand news on happenings within the country and around the globe from National papers, Google news, local and foreign bloggers to benefit our erudite

  4. But it will be too difficult before someone can reach #1000, the upgration do not favour many of us