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Just a few hours to the Lockdown season’s grand finale, the finalists were treated to one last Saturday night party, this time with evicted housemates in attendance.

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And according to Nengi, Ozo ignored her. Even when she tried talking to him, Ozo gave her attitude. His actions really hurt Nengi and she couldn’t hold back her tears.

It was all fun until the party ended and housemate, Nengi broke down in tears, lamenting that most of the evicted housemates who she thought were her friends ignored her during the party, including her ‘best friend’ Ozo.


It comes as a surprise to many considering Ozo was so much into Nengi during his time in the house. He even professed his love to Nengi but got turned down. He, however, promised not to give up on her.

Ozo Ignored Nengi. I can imagine how she feels. But mheen this is a big lesson. There’s life outside the confines. #BBNaija #BBNaijialockdown2020 #WhitePartyWithLaycon


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